Wednesday, December 10, 2008

IMPORTANT: Saturday Protest (12/13/2008)

The time is quickly approaching for this event, and we wanted to provide some information for those that are planning to attend. If you have friends, family, allies or contacts in organizations that would be willing to be out there supporting us, please forward them this email or have them contact us at:

This protest is in the form of a moving protest or picket, not a group rally. We will be utilizing the sidewalks outside Lenox Square Mall and Phipps Plaza in Atlanta in order to maximize visibility to our fight for Equality.

We will be meeting (in groups) at the MARTA Bus stop at the corner of Peachtree and Lenox Rd. (just outside Lenox Square Mall) at 1:00 pm on Saturday, December 13th. Look for the event volunteers at this location, we will be wearing badges with "ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS" on them as well as pink wristbands. The volunteers will be gathering protesters and leading the moving portion of the picket.

We are asking the following of all attendees:

Bring your signs! We are focusing this protest on the economic impact of the LGBT community in this country (specifically in Atlanta), but as with our past events, please try to keep signs positive. We are not here to be anti-religion or anti-anyone, we are here to be PRO-EQUALITY. Keep in mind our theme: "All I Want for Christmas Is My Equal Rights" when making signs and banners.

Also, we are encouraging everyone, bring a Santa hat. Reindeer antlers. Bells. Whatever "Christmas" themed garments, costumes etc. that you have and wear them! If you have extra and do not mind sharing please bring them as well!

Finally, we are conducting a food drive, and all collected food will be donated to the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Please bring THREE or more cans of food to the event. When you arrive, the volunteers will be happy to accept the items and will deliver them to the drop-site. This is VERY important to show that as members of the community in Atlanta we also contribute to society. If you have any questions about the food drive or can offer assistance, please contact:

We also have the following safety guidelines:

Please read the following rules carefully; they are for your safety and protection.

1. This is not an event with a sponsor or organization behind it, only individuals exercising a common theme. If you attend the protest, you do so by your own choice, and you alone are responsible for your actions.

2. Do not enter parking lots or grassy areas. Stay on the sidewalks except when crossing the street.

3. When crossing the street, stay within the crosswalk lines whenever possible. Don't walk into possible oncoming traffic!

4. Only cross the street when the Walk (white) light is on. Do not start to cross once the Don't Walk (orange) light starts flashing. Follow the road rules to the letter.

5. Police may show up to help direct traffic. Obey uniformed police officers' directions.

6. DO NOT confront drivers or pedestrians in any way. Confrontational behavior, fighting, or approaching others in a violent manner will likely result in you being arrested.

7. When you choose to leave the protest, keep any paper, signs, or other things you are carrying with you and dispose of trash properly. Don't litter!

If you need assistance, Event Coordinators can be identified by a plastic badge with the "All I Want" tree logo, and a pink wristband. If you cannot find an Event Coordinator, please call 1-877-GLBT-ATL (1-877-452-8285) from any phone and you will be connected to one of us.

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