Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We Still Have a Dream: Protest Rick Warren at MLK's Church on MLK Holiday

On the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday, the notably anti-gay "minister" Rick Warren will be delivering the keynote address at Ebenezer Baptist Church, during the Annual Commemorative Service held at the church by The King Center.

Warren is known for equating gay relationships with incest, pedophilia, and bestiality; and his ministry does not accept gays as members (and has since removed this and other statements from their websites in at attempt to cover up the truth). Further, his ministry's addiction treatment program, Celebrate Recovery, considers homosexuality to be a form of addiction.

No one with such a divisive view of humanity should be given the honor of speaking at Dr. King's own church, bathing in the light of unity, while desecrating that pulpit with hate thinly disguised as compassion. For Warren to be giving the keynote address at Dr. King's own church, on the day commemorating him, is an affront not only to LGBT citizens, but to all of the civil rights movement.

As Coretta Scott King herself proclaimed in 2000 to people of all races and creeds, "freedom from discrimination based on sexual orientation is surely a fundamental human right." We cannot allow Rick Warren to denigrate the King Family's legacy by using the Civil Rights Movement as a way to drum up publicity for his campaign of hate and divisiveness. Gay Americans are as deserving of equal treatment as any other citizen, and should be treated as such under the law.

GLBT|ATL, working with Atlanta's Black LGBT Coalition, will be protesting outside Ebenezer Baptist Church on Monday, January 19, 2009 starting at 9:00 a.m. (and may be concluding with a fold-in to the annual March starting on Jackson Street at 1:30 p.m.; this is not confirmed yet).

The details are still being coordinated, but we will be posting here again soon with an area map, including location of the protest, street closings, MARTA instructions, and other important information for those of you planning to attend. Please subscribe to our announcement list to have the latest information e-mailed to you as it happens, including all posts to this blog.

If you wish to help out, please contact GLBT|ATL directly at info@glbtatl.org. Additionally, Atlanta's Black LGBT Coalition can be reached at atlblacklgbtcoalition@gmail.com (no webpage as of this writing; we'll link to it as soon as one is available).

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