Monday, January 19, 2009

We Still Have a Dream: Recap to Come

The demonstration went well and had a decent turnout. There will be an in-depth recap here later tonight tomorrow as we collect news coverage and video clips. We'll also have some responses to some of the criticisms we've received over the protest, as well as a longer term view for GLBT|ATL's future outside of the recent (and yes, we know, repetitive) protests.

Unfortunately, we can't comment directly on the MLK March and Rally. When we left the protest area to switch cars for the march, Adam and Todd found a dead battery in their car, and spent the better part of the afternoon dealing with badly designed mounting brackets and bolts replacing it. We'll try to get an impression of the March from members of the Atlanta Black LGBT Coalition for posting here.

(Edit: So it seems the news has been slowly hitting the reactionary media and blog outlets. Rather than try to jump the gun here, we're going to let that work itself out overnight and give a recap tomorrow.)

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