Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Atlanta Eagle Raid: Protest Transcript (2/3 done)

I've been getting a lot of requests, primarily from media, for an accurate transcript of the public statements at Sunday's rally. The transcription process is a little slow, but I'm trying to be careful about accuracy in the process. The work so far, two-thirds of the rally, can be found at glbtatl.org/eagle-raid-transcript.

Sometime tomorrow afternoon, it will be updated with the remainder filled in, including Richard Ramey's fantastic quote: "I want to know why they thought it took 30 police officers to control 62 homosexuals." (You can see part of his comments on YouTube; the quote is at 0:59.)

We'll post a (mostly complete, but somewhat muffled-sounding) MP3 of the rally tomorrow, and start chopping up the video we have for clips as well.

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