Friday, September 11, 2009


BREAKING NEWS:  I have just learned that an Atlanta judge has allowed the employees of the Atlanta Eagle who were arrested to post bond, so they will be able to go home safely tonight.  As of this writing, the only charge filed is a minor City ordinance violation.  (Atlanta Eagle will probably provide its own press release, after the current affairs settle, to go into further detail.)

Remember show your solidarity by showing up at 8pm tonight. Even if you don't drink, buy a bottle of water... and don't forget to tip generously. The staff needs your support.

Tomorrow's protest will consist of an assembly in the Atlanta Eagle parking lot at 5pm (off of Argonne Ave. behind Ponce De Leon Ave.), followed by possible podium speech(es), and finally a march to the Atlanta Police Headquarters at 226 Peachtree St. This will be a peaceful march of protest against the targeting of gay establishments by Atlanta police.

To recap:  Last night the Atlanta Eagle was raided by uniformed police officers. During this raid, a number of employees were arrested; and many patrons were allegedly forced to the floor violently, and allegedly held that way for a half hour or more.  This behavior is something we cannot tolerate from those sworn to protect our communities from crime.  The police should be our friends and neighbors, not our enemies.

More news to come.  We will be inviting some public names to the protest.

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