Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Court case against Eagle staff postponed until Election Day

SoVo and AJC report that the staff of Atlanta Eagle who were arrested on September 10 will have to wait until Election Day (November 3) for arraignment:

All eight are represented by attorney Alan Begner, who said they were not required to attend court today.

Mary Stansel, who is prosecuting the case for the Atlanta solicitor’s office, asked for the arraignment to be reset. Judge Crystal Gaines agreed, while expressing her displeasure that this is the second time the arraignment has been put off. The Eagle employees first appeared in court the week after the raid, when their case was delayed until today.

The arraignment is now set for Nov. 3 if prosecutors and the defendants do not reach an agreement to resolve the cases before that date. Should the case go to trial, it would likely take place in January, according to Begner.

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