Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gentle Reminder: Atlanta Eagle Still Open!

Come show your support!

If you've been following our coverage or news coverage of the Atlanta Eagle raid and its aftermath, you may be inclined to think that the police raid shut down the establishment. That is definitely not true; the bar was even open the very next day.

Please come out to show your support this coming weekend. If you can, especially try to make it out to Atlanta Eagle on Thursday night. The underwear dancers are on hold (for obvious reasons), but since we're not a part of the Eagle, we're unofficially designating it the "We Support Atlanta Eagle" Appreciation Night (Facebook page for event).

Since there's no theme for Thursday, make your own! If you want to wear something different for the night that you don't normally wear walking down the street, give it a try. Pull that old vest or jacket out of mothballs, or those ranch chaps you never use anymore, and live up to the "leather image" for a day. Or wear whatever you want. Just come out, and more importantly, have fun.

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