Saturday, September 19, 2009 Endorses Kyle Keyser for Atlanta Mayor

I know you're all waiting for some news from today's rally, and we have a post on that pending, which will be posted tomorrow. For now, we have a big announcement to make.

Full press release after the jump....

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Endorses Kyle Keyser for Atlanta Mayor
Political outsider candidate has best platform for Atlanta's future, focusing on safety and accountability

SEPTEMBER 19, 2009--In the wake of the abuse of patrons at Midtown community business Atlanta Eagle on Thursday, September 10, and following the GLBTATL-organized rally response on Sunday, September 13, GLBTATL is proud to announce that we endorse Kyle Keyser for the office of Mayor of Atlanta.

While GLBTATL, as an unincorporated group of community organizers and advocates, is not as large as many of the formal organizations who have issued endorsements up to this point, we believe that Kyle Keyser deserves a serious chance at the race for Mayor. Therefore we have decided that an official endorsement conveys our deep trust in Keyser's platform and ideals, for making Atlanta a better city during these rough economic times.

As founder of Atlantans Together Against Crime, formed in response to heightened personal awareness of crime in Atlanta after the tragic shooting death of Grant Park restaurant employee John Henderson, Kyle Keyser has been a solid watchdog for Atlanta Police Department actions. This position was reiterated through his public statements and first announcement of candidacy to Atlanta's LGBT community at a rally in response to the Atlanta Eagle police raid on Sep. 13. Keyser's statements constantly remind Atlanta that law enforcement is a fundamental part of Atlanta's safety, but only through careful and reasonable application of police force, and a common-sense approach to handling crime. Additionally, Keyser has stated a specific intererest in making the quality of Atlanta Police higher, attracting the best law enforcement candidates, by providing  better pay, higher respect for the APD from City Hall, and generally making the Atlanta Police Department a worthwhile place for people to work.

Kyle Keyser is a true political outsider, stating frankly on his website that he doesn't know the nuance and inner workings of all City departments.  However, Keyser has developed social connections with trustworthy, knowledgeable people who can help turn City Hall into the efficient, well-oiled machine it should be. In addition, his fresh outlook allows Keyser to hold all City departments to a higher level of transparency and accountability, bringing the truth of Atlanta's financial outlook to the public, and explaining issues of Atlanta government in plain terms that every Atlantan can understand.

GLBTATL's endorsement of Kyle Keyser for Mayor of Atlanta may not agree with the endorsements of related organizations. However, we feel that the current slate of candidates needs a fresh face and a new vision, rather than another four years of the same cycle of inaction. Today, Atlanta needs a new direction and a new vision for safety, growth, and common-sense application of Atlanta's government resources.

To reach the Kyle Keyser for Mayor campaign, see the campaign website at, e-mail, or call 770-878-1366. members plan to provide media support services on a personal basis to Kyle Keyser's campaign, and may issue occasional press releases on behalf of the campaign. Media representatives wishing to be on the direct press release distribution list (both fax and e-mail are available) should contact us. We can be reached via phone at 888-GLBT-ATL (888-452-8285), via e-mail at, or through our website at

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