Monday, September 21, 2009

Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference

First of all, I want to make it clear that I (as the usual art guy) and had absolutely nothing to do with the abomination you see above. That was created by a "heterosexual ally of the LGBTQ community for years" who felt that it's OK to use the term FAGGOT flippantly. Well, let me tell you, the readers, and this "ally" that she has no right to use a word like that.

Hello, I'm Adam May. My name from third-grade onward was Adam Gay. Yes, I was the FAGGOT. I was that kid who stood out. I was that kid who never had a moment's peace because of straight people using the word FAGGOT. Some of you out there talk about coming out of the closet very passionately, but for some of us, there was no closet, ever.

Some of us were beaten and abused by straight people who simply assumed that it was OK to beat up a FAGGOT. I still keep a blood soaked T-shirt from a run-in with skinheads who were thrilled that a FAGGOT walked by so they could attack him. Should I hoist that up as a flag of reverence the next time a group of FAGGOTS get abused by straight bullies with badges?

That said, Ms. Gentle-Guerry, our "ally", take this message and keep it in your skull: You DO NOT have the right or the permission to use the word FAGGOT, ever. Not "in context", not "to make a point", not at all. By carelessly parroting that word, as someone who does not understand the deep hatred it conveys firsthand, you are no better than the monsters who called Matthew Shepard a FAGGOT over and over as they beat him to death.

By calling someone a "FAG," you are giving yourself and the people around you the license to either damage this individual verbally or physically.”

—Judy Shepard

You thought it acceptable to use the word FAGGOT to create a platform for your "Unite Midtown!" agenda on the already bruised backs of 70 people... people who were terrorized by bullies with badges, using hate speech and slurs to dehumanize them. You and the cops who abused those people on September 10, 2009 have a little something in common.

You claim to be an "ally" of the LGBTQ Community, but I can see through your facade. You (I know from being there myself) haven't been there, and will not be there for those from the Eagle who have been traumatized. Some of them may be in hiding in fear, and many are too tormented to seek the help that they need, because straight people like you think it's OK to use that word so frivolously.

Once again, had nothing at all to do with this piece of filth. It was created by a twenty-something straight woman who thinks she, as an "ally", can acceptably use this word. No one who has not lived a FAGGOT's life (especially a straight person claiming to be an "ally", who is just passing through on the way to the next political cause) has any right at all to use that word callously, when some of us have had to live with it our entire lives.

Ms. Gentle-Guerry, at one point, you threatened my partner and me with a lawsuit. Should you choose to follow up on that threat, this image serves as Exhibit A. Never forget that you created this grotesque abuse of our community's good faith, that you felt justified using that word. Shame on you. It will haunt you forever.

(...And that's why I chose not to attend, much less speak at, your rally.)