Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Talk to the Council at Atlanta City Hall

Today at 2:30pm you can talk to the City Council to make your voice heard about the Atlanta Eagle raid incident.

There is, coincidentally enough, an Atlanta City Council Public Safety committee meeting at 3:00pm, and you are allowed two minutes of speaking time to address the committee if you come to 55 Trinity Ave SW at 2:30 to sign in for speaking. The meeting will be held in Committee Room 2 (per schedule, but ask when you get there to be sure).

Not all of the City Council members will be there; it's likely that only the members of that committee (notably, not including Lisa Borders) will be in attendance. We don't know how long the meeting itself will last, but the agenda is here. Public comments will be heard after the main meeting, so you'll be sitting through the agenda first.

For more information, please feel free to call our hotline at 888-GLBT-ATL or e-mail info@glbtatl.org.


  1. Why is Lisa always conveniently absent? God forbid she should answer to the public for what goes on in Atlanta.

    I am starting to think this is intentional.

  2. In this case it's probably just a simple procedural matter. This is a public safety committee meeting scheduled some time ago, and she's not part of the public safety committee (or any committee, for that matter).

  3. Yeah, but under these circumstances, she should be there!